Loan Submission Process

Easy Loan Submission Process

Follow Our Step-By-Step Guide

It's easy to have a loan considered and submitted at Faller Financial. Just read through our 5-step process and use the handy loan submission form below.

1. Submit Your Tape

Whether you're submitting a single loan or a full tape, Faller Financial is ready to assist you with any of your mortgage assets. There is no minimum quantity required. If your data is in some other format, please contact us and we will help you transmit your information.

2. Bid Proposal

Once we receive the details of your loan, we will review it and provide a bid within 48 hours.

3. Letter of Intent

Once you approve our bid and send us your notification, we will provide a letter of intent that outlines the terms of the purchase and the document collection requirements.

4. Loan Document Collection

Once we have provided our letter of intent, we will work with you and your staff to collect all the necessary loan documents associated with the assets in the pool.

5. Close and Fund

Our goal is to meet your closing and funding requirements by closing the purchase within a few weeks and transferring the funds. It's all part of Faller Financial's quick and easy liquidity solutions for all your loan requirements.

Submit Loans Now
Download the attached form, fill it out, and send it to Cody at

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“We’ve efficiently completed large and small trades with Faller Financial. Deals not only closed in a timely manner, but they generally closed at the original price, and we were well informed throughout the entire process."

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